"Knowledgeable & Professional"

The Gaston Law office handled my citizenship application, were not only professional but detailed, and were there to answer any questions. They definitely cover all the angles and questions that could come up and the process was painless. I highly recommend them!

Stuart, FL

"Excellent Service!"

I want to thank Mr. Gaston and his staff for the excellent service they provide. Since we had our first appointment Mr. Gaston took his time to explain all the processes for the case and listen and answer all my questions in the most respectful and professional way. I always believed that everybody can do everything in life, but there are some things in life that is better to hire a professional to do the legal stuff because they are always informed and prepare to handle what they studied and loved to do. Ivanna is always very responsive, respectful and educated to comunícate the status of a case and everything needed to make this a success. Happy and grateful because everything is completed and I will recommend Gaston Law Firm if you need legal immigration service.

F. P.

"With a knowledgeable and professional firm, my case went from impossible to me having my residency."

I want to thank The Gaston Law Firm for the excellent service they provided. I could not have received my Alien/Residency card without the help of The Gaston Law Firm. The staff was extremely helpful during this process and Mr. Gaston's knowledge of the immigration laws was pronounced. Without his knowledge and the staff's ability to navigate me through this process it would have been implausible. I am forever grateful. K.L.

Kelvin Port St Lucie, FL

"People with integrity"

Chris, Ivana and Katie are a great team - people with integrity and passionate about their work!

Former Client

"The Gaston Law Firm is the best"

Christopher Gaston and Ivana Nikolova are true professionals they are respectful, kind, and friendly, Mr. Gaston is a terrific immigration lawyer . From the beginning of the process until the end they were very informative and thorough they left no stone unturned. My wife and daughter started their green card process in June of 2017 and thanks to the professionalism of Mr. Gaston and his team they received their green cards November of 2018. I highly recommend the Gaston law firm they are the finest and very best.

Ted Manderson, Marjorie and Fabiola Mullings Vero beach, FL

"Excelente profesionalismo con sentido humano!"

Excelente profesionalismo con sentido humano! Todo el personal es muy cordial y te presta toda su atención siempre que tienes alguna duda o si requires alguna información. Todo el proceso sucede exactamente con la precisión con la que te lo explica Mr. Gaston desde el primer día; me sientí acompañada y segura durante todo el proceso. Estoy muy agradecida y recomiendo ampliamente The Gaston Law Firm.


"Eu 100% indico Mr. Gaston e sua equipe."

Contratei os serviços do mr. Gaston, e foi a melhor experiência que tive na vida, equipe totalmente qualificada, e recebi suporte do começo até o fim. Tais é incrível e sempre me ajudava a tirar as dúvidas e deu todo suporte possível na documentação. Eu 100% indico Mr. Gaston e sua equipe. Dei 5 estrelas mas na verdade dou mil estrelas pra todos eles.


"They were there to provide me with accurate information and guidance even when I was anxious and had little hope."

I have been working with the Gaston Law firm from 2016 until 2019. It is easy for me to give them a great review as they assisted me and supported me in getting my Permanent Resident card through my complicated circumstance. They were there to provide me with accurate information and guidance even when I was anxious and had little hope. Their confidence in believing in my case and their personable presence really made me feel that they were invested in my life. I would recommend Mr. Gaston as well as Ivana, if anyone ever needs any guidance in this matter.


"After our first consultation, I felt confident that we made the right choice."

I had an amazing experience with Gaston Law firm. After our first consultation, I felt confident that we made the right choice. Christopher and Ivana are very friendly and professionals, always on top of everything. Christopher went with us to the Interview and we were successful in obtaining my residency. Thank you very much for all your help and excellent advice! Highly recommended for your immigration needs.


"The Gaston Law Firm was amazing."

My experience with The Gaston Law Firm was amazing. From the lawyer Christopher to Ivanna was professional, helpful and they kept in contact with me throughout the entire process. They made themselves available even when I didn’t have an appointment to make sure they answered all my questions. I would recommend this law firm to all. Thank you.


"I would highly recommend The Gaston Law Firm for your immigration needs."

Everyone in the team is very supportive and professional. I would highly recommend The Gaston Law Firm for your immigration needs.


"Overall a great firm"

I got my permanent resident card through The Gaston Law Firm, and it was a pleasure from the start to the end. Mr. Gaston is very knowable and had concrete answers to all my questions. Also, Ivana was awesome and very helpful. Overall a great firm. I will always recommend them.

A. G.

"Very happy and thankful"

Very happy and thankful for your help in my Immigration case. All came to an end with very good results. An efficient personnel and the Lawyer Mr. Gaston excellent.

L. L.


Stop looking, this is where you want to bring your business. A dedicated and very professional team. I would not have been able to go through my Immigration process without them.

Nathalie P. D.

"We highly recommended everyone seeking help with immigration services to The Gaston Law Firm."

I had a lawyer that was working on my immigration case a year ago which I wasn't getting any form of results. I got so frustrated and did my research on the internet looking for another immigration lawyer, where I came across The Gaston Firm where I made an appointment. On the day of my appointment, I met Mr.Christopher Anthony Gaston and his wonderful staff from that moment I hired Mr.Gaston as my lawyer. I knew that I made the best decision, Mr.Gaston and I went over the situations that I was through and the way to move forward and immediately he started the paperwork. I was so confident knowing that I have the best hardworking dedicated and professional lawyer working on my case. A year later, I received my Permanent Residence Card in the mail all my frustration was over. My husband and I would like to thank Mr. Gaston and his amazing team (Katie and Ivana) from the bottom of our hearts for the hard work and dedication they put in our case. We highly recommended everyone seeking help with immigration services to The Gaston Law Firm.

A. W.


"Chris is an experienced immigration attorney."

Chris is an experienced immigration attorney. Very professional. Ivana and Katie are very helpful as well. I would highly recommend Chris Gaston for your immigration situation.

E. W.

"I can say without a doubt that this has been my best experience with an attorney. "

My path towards becoming a citizen started over 25 years ago. I have been to countless interviews. I have dealt with mountains of confusing paperwork. I have met with so many lawyers who viewed me not as a human being deserving of fair treatment and respect, but as an irritant to send away once they had their money. My frustration grew and I started to think that I would never get me citizenship. Then I met with Mr. Christopher Gaston and his assistant Ivana Nikolova and all that changed. Mr. Gaston and his team worked on my case with complete professionalism. They were always courteous and respectful, and any questions I had were answered quickly and clearly. I hired Mr. Gaston in July of last year, and in March of this year I went to my oath ceremony and in a courtroom raised my hand before a judge and became a citizen of the United States of America. I can say without a doubt that this has been my best experience with an attorney. Trust, protection, kindness, professionalism - these are the qualities I associate with The Gaston Law Firm.

Marina Portiyakov

"Mr. Gaston and his team were knowledgeable, kind, and put me at ease throughout the entire process."

My family has been a client of the Gaston Law Firm for a few years. They have helped my family on several immigration matters. When it came time for me to obtain my citizenship, there was no other place I was going to go. Mr. Gaston and his team were knowledgeable, kind, and put me at ease throughout the entire process. I am thankful for him and his staff. If there is an immigration issue, I would recommend anyone to use Mr. Gaston.


"Highly recommend this law firm for immigration. They treat you like family and they are so professional."

Highly recommend this Law firm for immigration purpose...I only have good things to say about Mr. Gaston and his right hand Ivana. I appreciate everything they have done for my case. Both Mr. Gaston and Ivana are on top of everything, prepared,very sufficient and quick. They treat you like family and they are so professional. If you want things done and your case approved this is the place to go to. Today they are a part of my life, family and I will always be grateful of them.

Erika Palmtak

"Our family is very pleased with the personalized legal services we received"

It was very stressful to start our immigration process but after we met Mr. Gaston and his Paralegal Ivana we learned what was needed under our specific circumstances. They prepared all the forms, guided us regarding all the required documentation step by step (we were able to uploaded many pieces of information on line via their private portal), and kept us informed during the entire process. After waiting for several months, we finally had our interview just three days ago and the results were 100% favorable . Our attorney, Mr. Gaston went to the interview with us and was of great help specially when the INS officer could not find right away some documents that Mr. Gaston had submitted on our behalf (Mr. Gaston had digital copy of our entire case, forms and documents, right there on his Ipad!). Our family is very pleased with the personalized legal services we received from Mr. Gaston and his Paralegal Ivana, and recommend without any doubt his firm to anyone needing legal assistance. We are a real family living in Florida who are now stress free thanks to Mr. Gaston and Ivana. Thank you both!

Al Paolo

"I call this firm "The Pain Relief Pill""

Since I was traveling a lot as a permanent resident and my son still living in Central America, my case wasn’t an easy one to obtain my US citizenship, BUT thanks to Ivana and Mr. Gaston smooth down the whole process on my second interview! Ivana was sooooo helpful on preparing and putting together the right documents (which it was a lot of them from my country and from here) to present at the moment of my interview that ends up on a positive result! :). I call this firm "The Pain Relief Pill"


"A very professional firm"

A very professional firm, staff were very on top of the documents my wife and I were very worried about her status change. Everything went very well the time taken to go over the application really helped prevent problems.

Gregory Ahrens

"Always there, very polite, and professional"

Mr. Gaston and Ms. Ivana were always there, very polite and professional. At one point when I had to step back Mr. Gaston refunded some of my money back which at this day and age you don't expect. We obtained my husbands residency with no problems and there was open communication the whole time. I highly recommend this firm.

Karen Clemente

"The communication was top notch"

I found the Gaston Law Firm to be professional and knowledgeable and the communication was top notch so I knew what was going on with my mother's case. We spent alot of money on filing the wrong forms and getting nowhere before we started working with Chris Gaston and his team and now we are done and case closed! Thank you Gaston Team for a job well done. Highly recommend for your immigration needs.

Tami Karol

"I would not go anywhere else for my future needs"

I had a great experience with the Gaston Law Firm. Mr. Gaston is a great guy, very professional, organized and friendly, as well as all of the employees. He worked very hard on my case and took me step by step through the whole process making it a pleasant experience. All the employees are just great people and I would not go anywhere else for my future needs.


"You are in good hands with Gaston Law Firm."

Mr. Gaston and his staff, Katie and Ivana were very professional and effective. We recommend his law firm over any other in the region. You are in good hands with Gaston Law Firm.

Maria Andrade

"I had an amazing experience with this firm"

I had an amazing experience with this firm. Mr. Gaston and Ms. Mentor worked very hard to make sure I have winning results. From the moment I hired them I felt confident and knew that I had made the right choice.

Ivana N.

"I honestly don't think that anybody could've handled it any better"

Ok, today Mr. Gaston and katie, who helped translate for my wife,accomplished his work and we succeeded by getting my wife her permanent residency. From the beginning to the end Mr. Gaston made the process as smooth as possible, which is what we were looking for.His assistant, Ivana, made sure everything was in place and organized before sending anything out. In saying that, they are humble but a very professional firm. I honestly don't think that anybody could've handled it any better than Mr. Gaston and his crew. I was able to contact him and his crew at anytime and sure enough they were there with a quick response. Finally we got there. Thank you very much Mr. Gaston and my dad would've appreciated everything you did for us. And thank you for the recommendation on the MBA book.

Jonathan Rivera

"I found the one person who care enough to walk with me through my journey"

I thought only the rich can afford the best. I thought most Lawyers were crooked and trained to act sympathetic, and take your money. I just about gave up on the Legal System, when a friend of mines said, "I heard of a really good Lawyer. You should give him a call." I put my life on it. It's one of the best choice yet to this date. I was treated with respect. What amazed me was that, I felt like I was his only Client. I surprised myself sometimes. When I started feeling like I had my own personal Lawyer. A GREAT Lawyer like Christopher Gaston, also comes with an AWESOME TEAM. Ms. Juliana is Secretary is very attentive to his Clients, and not only she's aware of our needs. She gave Mr. Gaston best interest at heart. I would recommend this whole world to Christopher Gaston law firm. He made sure to work with you. Even if he's not fit for the job. He won't mislead you if he cannot assist you. He's honest, caring, and a man of his word. I must say after years fighting my legal issues with Immigration. I found the one person who care enough to walk with me through my journey. I thank God he send him to me. I wouldn't have wanted it any different. I not only have my personal Lawyer. I found a lifetime friend.


"They were professional, friendly, and always there to answer our questions."

Our Gaston Law Firm experience was amazing! They were professional, friendly, and always there to answer our questions. The team at Gaston Law Firm made a stressful process easy. They were by our side from start to finish. We highly recommend using the Gaston Law Firm for their services.